Turkish towels are gaining popularity and quickly! They are the perfect towel for the beach, bathroom or picnic. Plus, they are cozy, light, and easy to pack. Who could ask for anything more? People are quickly switching from regular towels to Turkish towels because of their absorbency. The Turkish cotton makes this happen and makes them extra durable. 

However, even though they have great absorbency and are durable. You need to take care of your Turkish towel. You may not be able to really get to enjoy all they have to offer. You may grab a Turkish towel and not realize that you have to hold up your end of the bargain. Turkish towels do require maintenance. Turkish towels are not regular towels. In this blog post you are going to read all about Turkish towel care instructions and how to keep your Turkish towel in great shape!

Turkish Towel Care Instructions

 #1- Absorbency 

Turkish towels are known for their absorbency. To increase their absorbency add a cup of white vinegar to your wash once in a while. This will help improve your towels absorbency. White vinegar is also amazing at getting rid of stains! You can even use it instead of bleach. It is gentler on fabrics and even softens them! White vinegar will also help remove residue and build up towels often from being used. This will make your look and feel brand new! 



If your towel is brand new and it does not indicate it was pre-washed. You can also throw it in your bathtub for 12 hours. This process will help open on the fibers and make it softer. Wring it and let it air dry (eco-friendly😉). You only have to do this once when you first receive your Turkish towel.

#2- Washing Your Turkish Towel

Washing your towel is obviously one of the most important Turkish towel care instructions. Many Turkish towels come pre-washed. It is still a good idea to wash them properly before you run off to the beach, or grab it when you get in the shower. The great thing about Turkish towels is the more you wash your Turkish towel, the softer the cotton becomes and the more water your towel will absorb. 

What makes Turkish towels different from regular towels is when you put them through the standard washing cycle they come out looking brand new. Unlike regular towels which start looking older as you wash them. We recommend you wash your towels on a gentle wash in low/medium heat with similar colors. You can find more in depth information on washing your towels in another blog post here

#3- Drying 

This is the MOST important Turkish towel care instruction. After washing your Turkish towel try to dry it on the line or a drying rack. This is the best way to dry them. Turkish towels are so absorbent. This gives them the ability to dry very quickly. Turkish towels will be fully dry within a couple of hours. Unlike a regular towel which will need to be put through a dry cycle to not be smelly and damp. 

If you feel the absolute need to dry your towels or you do not have space to hang them (because you probably have so many 😉)  make sure to tumble dry them on low or medium. Too much heat can overwhelm the cotton fibers and cause them to feel dry and not as soft. Think sandpaper-ish.


#4- Fixing Untied Tassel 

You pull your Turkish towel out of the washer and you notice there are a couple of tassels untied.  But do not worry. Turkish towels have been around way before washer and dryers. Even if you wash on the gentle cycle and hang to dry. You will find the tassels can still come undone. There are a couple of steps to this Turkish towel care instruction.

Step 1: Separate the threads into two different sections.

Step 2: Twist each section together clockwise. 

Step 3: Twist both of the sections together in a counter-clockwise direction. 

Step 4: Knit tightly at the end. 

Step 5: Repeat as many times as necessary. 

It also won’t hurt to tug on each of the knots at the end of your towel before you throw it into the washer. This will ensure the knots are tight and in place. 

All of these Turkish towel care instructions are important to keep your towel long lasting. Many Turkish towels are hand loomed and made with care. It is important you take great care in making them last. If you follow these Turkish towel care instructions your towel will last a very long time and will look just like it did when you took it out of the package.