We gather so much “stuff” throughout the year and many times we do not even realize it! Since it is almost fall and the cooler weather is upon many of us. People often decide to do a little cleaning and decluttering. You can open the windows, listen to your favorite playlist, and just zone out. But what are the best things to declutter in your home?

 Here are 4 things to declutter in your home and make it feel fresh, and less crowded!

4 Things To Declutter In Your Home

  1. Unworn/Old Clothes


Let's start in the bedroom. Can you barely close your dresser drawers or are you running out of hangers in your closet? It is said that if you have not worn the article of clothing in 6 months to a year. You will never wear it again. So you may have to throw out the mini skirt from the Green Day concert you wore when you were 18, or the old high heels you wore to the bar on your 21st birthday. These are sacrifices you might make when looking for things to declutter in your home. 

If the clothes and/or shoes are in good shape, donate them to a local charity or shelter. Often these clothes are put into a charity thrift store to help raise money for supplies the charity needs. If they are barely holding on by a thread, or have stains, throw them in a garbage bag and set them free. 

With more space in your closet and drawers, you will find yourself putting away clothes faster after you wash them as well. Thus making the piles of clothes on your bed, dresser, and elsewhere in your house disappear too (less clutter around in other rooms...yay!).


2. Bath Towels

When you think about things to declutter in your home, you may not always think about towels. But really there are often so many in your house that need some refreshing, or decluttering. Towels become very smelly after a while and often look dirty. Plus, all towel companies and stores make us believe the bigger and fluffier the towel, the better. But really, they just take up more space. You want to replace your bath towels every two years. 

However, replacing regular bath towels with Turkish towels will benefit you in the long run! These towels are just as absorbent (if not more) as regular bath towels. They do not smell and when folded, are much more compact than a regular bath towel!  

If we are talking about things to declutter in your home, bath towels are definitely a must! Imagine all the space you would have in your linen closet with Turkish towels.

3. Pantry Items

When was the last time you looked at the spice expiration dates? Did you even know they had expiration dates? The pantry is where you will find a lot of things to declutter in your home. Grab a garbage bag because you 're going to need it.


Much like clothes you want to get rid of items you haven’t used or touched in a while. Look at the expiration dates for spices, snacks, and any items that are opened. If you have an opened item and don’t see yourself using it next month. It is probably safe to throw out. Unless it is a spice, keep those until the expiration date. You never know what your next recipe will call for. 

Another way you can declutter your pantry/house is to take part in a “food in the house” challenge. This challenge involves using as much food in the house as you can before going grocery shopping again. There are even websites where you type in the ingredients you have and a recipe will pop up!

4. Knick Knacks

When decluttering, it is always nice to look for things that you have collected throughout the year. The more minimalist your decorations and decor is in your house, the less work you’ll have like dusting, washing, and the less cluttered your house will feel. 


If you are someone who loves to decorate for the holidays, grab those boxes and look for things you no longer use or put up. You can do this holiday by holiday to make it easier on yourself. 

If your decor normally stays the same throughout the year. Look for items that have been collected on your counters. If your children have a playroom, head in there and look through their toys. Are there still baby toys out? Or are there toys your children no longer play with? And either pack them away for safekeeping or donate them. A great tip from a teacher is to rotate toys to keep the clutter to a minimum. Only keep out 10-15 toys and store the rest away in a toy closet. Rotate the toys every month and all your child’s toys will feel new to them every time! 

There are many things to declutter in your house and if you take it one room at a time. You will be able to easily organize and declutter in a matter of days!