(Ms. Eye-lyn)

Ms. Aylin Gumusoglu lives in Istanbul, Turkey. By trade she is an interior designer, and initially began experimenting with clay as a hobby. Her passion for working with clay and love of color are reflected in her creations, which include unique accessories and home decor items.

Ms. Aylin shapes and paints all of her designs herself by hand, so they are true one-of-a-kind finds. 


(Ms. Guil-femme)

Ms. Gulfem Kaya lives in Istanbul, Turkey. A very accomplished interior designer, she began knitting and designing jewelry in her spare time.

She now produces one-of-a-kind hand knitted accessories for QuiQuattro, and completely handcrafts elaborate jewelry pieces featuring intricate details. She creates all of her works from her own original designs.


(Ms. Min-eh)

Ms. Mine Akalin Sipahi lives in Antalya, Turkey. Originally a painter, she later began experimenting in ceramics. She now handcrafts original ceramic designs for QuiQuattro, applying her talents to create unique jewelry pieces along with inspired home and gift items.