Review 4

Posted By: TAMProduct: Mackinac Turkish towel The towel Douglas Adams Was Talking About! Absolutely beautiful! Such a vibrant purple! Took this on a rainy solo retreat... It's a picnic blanket...
May 06, 2021 — admin

Review 5

Posted By: NiluferProduct: Marine Turkish TowelsMarvelous TowelsI got a blue one and a white one. I love them! They are big and soft. They are perfect for the beach; after...
June 29, 2019 — admin

Review 1

Posted By: Ashley F.Product:  Desert Love Peshtemal Towel I was looking for a multi-purpose item for camping, traveling, and around the house, and had seen a few articles mentioning peshtemals. I'm just...
September 13, 2017 — admin

Review 2

Posted By: JenniferProduct: Magiclet - TealThis was my first purchase from QuiQuattro. I did not know what to expect. When I open the package wow.. the craftsmanship, and design of...
September 13, 2017 — admin

Review 3

Product: Sky Peshtemal Towel Posted By: TatiThe colors are vibrant and you can feel the amazing quality of the woven cotton/bamboo mix between your fingers. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. 
September 13, 2017 — admin