Review 4

Posted By: TAM
Product: Mackinac Turkish towel

The towel Douglas Adams Was Talking About! Absolutely beautiful! Such a vibrant purple! Took this on a rainy solo retreat... It's a picnic blanket on wet grass, a towel on a wet chair, and a blanket wrapped around me under the covered porch to watch the rain. Very durable and dries really quickly. It is surprisingly warm for how light weight it is. It now lives in my weekend bag for spontaneous use.

May 06, 2021 — admin

Review 5

Posted By: Nilufer
Product: Marine Turkish Towels

Marvelous Towels

I got a blue one and a white one. I love them! They are big and soft. They are perfect for the beach; after swimming and also just sitting on them. The quality of the towels is top-notch! I have 3 different brand towels from Turkey and the quality for any of them is nowhere near to this brand. Quiquattro also packages the orders well. Opening the package was even pleasant! Thank you so very much Quiquattro!

June 29, 2019 — admin

Review 1

Posted By: Ashley F.
Product:  Desert Love Peshtemal Towel

I was looking for a multi-purpose item for camping, traveling, and around the house, and had seen a few articles mentioning peshtemals. 
I'm just loving it! It feels nice, it's very, very lightweight, but doesn't seem delicate. I've used it to dry my body and hair (absorbs and dries very quickly), and I'm wearing it as a scarf at this moment! Certainly large enough to use as a cover up or to sit on picnic-style. Surprisingly, it's also serving as a warm but breathable light blanket at the moment - it's summer here and I've been using it to keep away any chill at night, without getting overheated. Certainly serves it's multi-purpose function. 
Shipping was fast and the nice packaging QuiQuattro delivered it in was very charming. Already looking to get a few more soon. 

September 13, 2017 — admin

Review 2

Posted By: Jennifer
Product: Magiclet - Teal

This was my first purchase from QuiQuattro. I did not know what to expect. When I open the package wow.. the craftsmanship, and design of this bracelet is outstanding. I love the colors, it looks like a vintage piece. I originally bought this for a friend, but when it arrived I liked it so much I ordered one for me as well. I also got a free shop with both of my purchases. They smell so good. I thought this was a nice touch. Shipping, payment all was seamless. Both of my orders arrived in priority packaging within 4 days of ordering. 
I will definitely shop again. 


September 13, 2017 — admin

Review 3

Product: Sky Peshtemal Towel 
Posted By: Tati

The colors are vibrant and you can feel the amazing quality of the woven cotton/bamboo mix between your fingers. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. 

September 13, 2017 — admin