Posted By: Ashley F.
Product:  Desert Love Peshtemal Towel

I was looking for a multi-purpose item for camping, traveling, and around the house, and had seen a few articles mentioning peshtemals. 
I'm just loving it! It feels nice, it's very, very lightweight, but doesn't seem delicate. I've used it to dry my body and hair (absorbs and dries very quickly), and I'm wearing it as a scarf at this moment! Certainly large enough to use as a cover up or to sit on picnic-style. Surprisingly, it's also serving as a warm but breathable light blanket at the moment - it's summer here and I've been using it to keep away any chill at night, without getting overheated. Certainly serves it's multi-purpose function. 
Shipping was fast and the nice packaging QuiQuattro delivered it in was very charming. Already looking to get a few more soon.