What is in your Beach Bag?

What is in your Beach Bag?

We hope you all have a QuiQuattro towel in your bag. Here is a great article from Aminiswim

Thanks Aminiswim. Check out their great swimsuits while you are reading this article.

What you need is

  1. QuiQuattro Towels

  2. Sun Glasses

  3. Chapstick

  4. Sunscreen

  5. Water bottle

  6. Speaker

  7. and a Book

June 03, 2021 — admin
Looking for a Mother's Day gift?

Looking for a Mother's Day gift?

Are you looking for a gift for your mom. You are in the right place. Thank you Marlene for adding QuiQuattro Turkish Towels to your list. We are delighted to be on your list.

Great gift ideas for the mom or just for you.

For full article visit Marlene’s blog.

Blog and picture credit to Marlene.

May 05, 2021 — admin
7 Sustainable Beach Towels For Eco-Friendly Fun Under The Sun by sustainably-chic

7 Sustainable Beach Towels For Eco-Friendly Fun Under The Sun by sustainably-chic

Great Article about Eco Friendly beach towels, and QuiQuattro is one of them.


From Sustainably_chic

“It’s about that time when we start thinking about sunny beach trips and packing our bags for some much needed ocean time. While I’ve always been one to just grab a towel out of our bathroom, it is nice to have a designated beach towel you can lay out comfortably on. This list has brands who are committed to better materials and ethical production - and make super cute beach towels that dry quickly and pack easy!”

Read the full article.


Thank you adding QuiQuattro to your list.


April 16, 2021 — admin
Women-Owned Brands That Give Back @TheSkimm

Women-Owned Brands That Give Back @TheSkimm

We are very happy to be featured on the Skimm. Thak you so much.


Our Fave Products From Women-Owned Brands That Give Back

Photo Credit : TheSkimm


“With Women’s History Month underway, we want to call attention to (not shockingly) women-owned brands. But the train doesn’t stop there. We’re going a step further and highlighting women-owned brands that also give back. 

We’re talking brands with donations going toward women across the globe in underprivileged communities, to research facilities fighting breast cancer, and to organizations working toward gender equality. And that’s no small feat….”

Please see the full article for all the other women owned businesses.


March 06, 2021 — admin
Gift Guide for 2020

Gift Guide for 2020

Here is a great gift guide for 2020. We are very happy to be part of it.

December 04, 2020 — admin
A gift with a Cause!

A gift with a Cause!

Check out Leah’s gift quide. on TIKTOK. Enjoy all those brands with a cause. Holiday season is aproching fast and I do not know you but we started to think about gifting and Leah’s gift guide on her blog is a excellent way to start a list.

Thank you Leah



October 02, 2020 — admin
Ethical Eco-Friendly Beach Towels

Ethical Eco-Friendly Beach Towels

If you are looking for Ethical, Eco-Friendly Beach Towels, Look no more.
Thank you ConsciousLifeandStyle for including QuiQuattro ❤️

QuiQuattro hand loomed Turkish towels are quick dry , absorbent and priced right. We have so many Turkish towels to choose from we are sure you will find one which you will love. Every purchase gives back to the communities we work with. If you are looking for an Turkish towel which will last for a long time. Shop for authentic Turkish towels here.

July 17, 2020 — admin
We are happy to be featured in Ecocult ❤️

We are happy to be featured in Ecocult ❤️

If you are looking for sustainable ethical Towels. Look no more.

QuiQuattro is one of the brands feautred on the EcoCult this month.

Thank you EcoCult!…

QUIQUATTRO’s towels are technically for the beach, but I think some of the more muted designs would make really great bath towels too, especially if you’re looking for something a bit different than your standard bath towel. QUIQUATTRO’s hand-loomed pestemal, hammam, and fouta towels are made by female artisans in Turkey out of lightweight and absorbent Turkish cotton and bamboo, which dries super fast so you don’t even need a drier. Plus, 10% of the profits go to educating women in Turkey QUIQUATTRO also carries beachwear like flowy dresses and sarongs, along with cute beach ponchos for kids!

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For full article.


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Thank you Sutton + Grove for sharing QuiQuattro on your blog

They are a conscious life style and travel bloggers. You will find helpful information on fashion travel and beauty as well as DIY.  We enjoyed your article very much.

Shown Turkish towel is unwind.

For full article please visit.




Check out Simplylivandco Olivia and her family know a lot about slow , ethical fashion and tiny living.

This month she wrote about QuiQuattro and Turkish textiles.

“The longer I work with brands and write about their products, the more fascinated by textiles I become. I find the process from plant to thread to fabric so fascinating and, when done ethically and sustainably, something to be truly celebrated and supported. There are so many ways to “spin it” when it comes to fabric creation, but hand-woven pieces made from natural fibers have to be some of the most heirloom-worthy.

In my pre-slow fashion days, I would run to Target or H&M or *Insert-big-chain-fast-fashion-store-of-choice-here* when I needed something like a blanket or a towel (in fact, my freshman year of college, I literally had one orange towel that I bought from Target). And although I was thrifty, my purchases reflected their true worth. They’d unravel after a few uses, pill after a few washes, or dull in color after a bit of wear and tear. … For full article see below:


Thank you

She's Fit To Lead

She's Fit To Lead

She’s Fit To Lead empowering women by publishing about inspiring female entrepreneurs. Thank you for the article.

For full article click on the below link.


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Sailing the bakery

Sailing the bakery

Sailing the bakery added us to their blog under their equipment we love and use section.

“Quiquattro Turkish Towels

100% cotton, fair trade, handmade, large enough for all my hair, and 10% of the profits go to educating women. I can get behind each of those things! We use these towels for showering, swimming, at the beach, and to generally be fashionable. Perhaps the best part is you can get 15% off your order when you use the code CH415MEW at checkout on quiquattro.com

Thank you Emily, Kai, and Reverie for posting about us. You have great blog about your travels and fantastic recipes. Make sure to follow them at Saling the bakery .

They are also the owners of Twig Marine . Do not forget to check their site for the right products for your boat.

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