Empowering women while protecting THE ENVIRONMENT and NATURAL resources. Because we are all CONNECTED!..

How it all started

QuiQuattro was established in 2014 by Nihan Sedef Ardor in Columbus, Ohio, with a mission in mind: to help women. Nihan’s vision at QuiQuattro was originally to create a platform for Turkish artisans in North America. Although she still continues to be inspired by this vision, QuiQuattro’s mission expanded to work with female artisans and businesses that employ women in the workforce


All of QuiQuattro’s items are of superb quality and all come with a personal touch. From the very beginning, QuiQuattro has been dedicated to bringing you high quality items that you can cherish for years to come. At QuiQuattro Nihan stocks a range of beautiful, handmade Turkish towels which are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to regular towels. All are ‘hand loomed’ by women using their passion and creativity to craft something unique for you. Although the Turkish towels are the biggest selling item, she also stocks a range of beautifully handmade items such as tote bags, vegan soaps and jewelry.

Why Buy QuiQuattro Turkish Towels?

  • Turkish towels are super absorbent making them ideal as a bath towel.

  • They are incredibly soft and become softer with each wash unlike regular towels which can go stiff and rough after a while.

  • They are larger than bath towels making them more versatile. You can use them as a sarong on the beach or as a tablecloth to add something unique to your dining room. Our towels are so soft and warm you can use them as a blanket or shawl, even as a picnic blanket.

  • They dry quickly making them perfect to use at the beach. And because they are not ‘looped’ like regular towels, they do not lock the sand into the towel. You can just shake off the sand and throw in a bag.

  • They are so Stylish for your home. Use them in various ways around your home and you will have guests begging you to tell them where you purchased them from.


Why buy from QuiQuattro?

QuiQuattro is a female-led company for women. In 2017, with your help, QuiQuattro started to donate 10% of its earnings to women’s education. Since 2017, Nihan made sure to work with women artisans and women-owned manufacturers in Turkey. QuiQuattro is a fair-trade company paying fair wages without exception.

Today, Nihan continues to support women by donating 10% of the net earnings to Bridge to Turkiye educational fund to help Turkish adolescent girls to have an education, and also provides scholarships to two school age children in Turkey, ensuring they have the lives, and the future, that they deserve.


All of the products are hand loomed, hand poured, hand knitted, hand stitched. Enjoy QuiQuattro products especially "Hand bloomed" by women for you.