Quality and Service I bought these towels as gifts, and now I wish I bought them for myself. They are so well made and versatile . There is always a sale, so the more the better. The only thing I didn't like is that if you blink your eyes, the towel you might want can be sold out. However, not only did it come with a personal hand written thank you note, but with a complimentary lip balm. I didn't even know that I was supporting an all women's business, or that 10% of the profits go toward young women's education. I know I sound like a paid commercial, but I'm a customer who sincerely likes this product!
— Maria L
I am absuletly in love with these pestemals.. they are multi purpose, light to carry around and easy to wash ...also all natural fibers. I got 3 of them to take it to the gym or to use as a pashmina to warm me up... even to keep my skin away from the sun . Soft and cuddly ❤ can't wait for the new colors Thank you Quiquattro
— Pelin
I thought this towel would not be as good as the expensive ones. It was a great buy. It is really nice and very soft to the touch. I really liked the design, and the soft pastel color. I will be shopping with you more.
— Yasemin
Very colorful , it was great for our Caribbean vacation. It was not heavy could pack in my suitcase. used as a towel and cover up and one time as a shawl. It was nice to have such a towel. I was hearing about the turkish towels but did not know what was the hype about. Now I know. It is great travel towel. I will buy more.
— Jackie
I love the colors and softness of the towel. I love your mission. I will be buying more towels in the near future. Thanks
— Nicole

Hand Loomed Authentic Turkish Towels from QuiQuattro