Coastal Living Turkish Towel

$27.00 USD

Hurry, only one left! Our Coastal Living Turkish Towels are not just towels; they're versatile pieces that can be used as a beach blanket, bath towel, or a stylish cover-up.

Loomed with 100% natural Turkish cotton, each of our towels is hand-loomed on traditional looms by women artisans. This prewashed towel is incredibly soft to the touch and exudes luxury. You won't find a softer Turkish towel on the market.

All of our Turkish towels are hand-loomed exclusively in Turkey, making them lightweight, incredibly soft, and absorbent. They are perfect for bath towels or beach blankets, ideal for travel lovers, and can even be used as a fashion accessory.

We take pride in working with micro businesses in Turkey and give back to the communities we work with each year.

Dimensions: 37.5" X 70 "