If youare at home like most of us and trying to find a gift for your loved ones, here is a great gift guide for you. It is from Beautymarksnyc . We are very happy to be a part of this gift guide. Go ahead and read it for some fabulous gift ideas.

"The Holiday Gift Guide, for those of you dressed up with no where to go.

This year it does feel more important than ever to stretch the idea of giving even further; to ourselves and to each other. So many people are struggling in so many ways, and the holidays is a time where you can really show one another that you care. So, since so many of you are dressed up with no where to go this year, we thought Beauty Marks should curate a holiday list of items to make the mundane of our everyday lives at home extraordinary. Beauty Activists encourage you and the ones you love to take care of yourself, each other, and the world we are leaving to our children. The businesses and brands below meet The Beauty Marks Standard by celebrating beauty through diversity, philanthropy, and sustainability. While also crafting incredibly luxurious products at a variety of price points. Not to mention, you will also be supporting us at Beauty Marks to continue on this beauty activism journey in fostering this movement, for us and our daughters.

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We are SO EXCITED to share this list with our community, so you can be an active part in changing in the beauty and lifestyle industry with us. By supporting Beauty Marks and these businesses, you are lifting those around you up by gifting in a way that says we ALL deserve to find, feel, and create beauty everyday. 


Ashley Ann Capone

Here is the whole article for you to read.