The holiday season is right around the corner, and although it may be the last thing you want to be thinking about. You probably should shop for gifts. Yes, you’ll probably need gifts for your husband, mom, dad, sister, uncles, aunts, and anyone else on your very long (or short) list! With the pandemic’s grasp still upon us, helping and supporting small businesses is a great idea this holiday season. An even better idea?! Supporting women owned small businesses! 

6 Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season From Women Owned Businesses

Here are 6 amazing gift ideas that are sure to make anyone happy this holiday season. Bonus: these businesses are women owned!

Gift Boxes

Who wouldn’t love a box of goodies delivered to their door! There are so many subscription boxes out there. But we have rounded up a few which are women owned!


Cascata has so many simple and beautiful boxes to choose from. They have boxes for new home ownership, new baby, sickness, and so many more! Based in Ohio, Kristy Parsons created beautiful boxes that beat gift cards or flowers any day! 

Olive Gift Co.

These gift boxes are a little outside of the box, and that makes them wonderful! Some boxes include honey and candies, while others include playing cards and a vase. So many options available. Michell Ratcliffe, originally from Trinidad, really has brought this small business into enormous light! 

The Savvy Box Co.


Another box company based out of Ohio, Shanisty and Natalie, are two cousins who have teamed up to create amazing gift boxes centered on big events in any woman’s life. From birthdays to babies to any occasion! This woman owned business is bringing the fun to your mailbox. 

beCAUSE Minded

Jessica created her own branded boxes because she just couldn’t find any that gave back to good causes around the world! The beCAUSE Minded boxes are amazing, and you can even search to see which boxes give back to which causes like autism, addiction recovery, and more! Plus, they styled specifically, each one from beauty to relaxation. 

Essential Oils 

Essential oil products have definitely found a place in many people's homes. They are not only known for making your house smell amazing. But, also have been said to have healing properties and many people use them in soaps, baths, and more!



doTERRA is one of the most known brands of essential oils and doTERRA really makes sure their product is the best on the market. Karina is the person to go to if you are looking into buying or starting essential oils in your home! She is knowledgeable and can really get you started with the right product! 

Edens Garden

Edens Garden is a complete woman owned and run business. Although, a little bigger than some of the other businesses mentioned in this post. They make 100% pure essential oils, room sprays, and even have diffusers available as well! Plus, they give a part of their profits to different organizations that are helping make the world a better place. 

Photo Sessions

My guess is your parents have said “I would love a family photo one day.” Well, this is the year! Photography is a great gift to give and it can last a lifetime! 

Exact Moments Photography


The owner and photographer of Exact Moments Photography is Nursah. She is based in Ohio but was born in Turkey, which makes her very close to the Quiquattro heart. If you are far from Ohio, there are so many amazing women owned photography companies and they are all amazing! 

Jessie Casey Photographer

If you live in the northeastern part of the United States, Jessie Casey is one of the most adventurous and fun photographers you’ll find. From climbing mountains to traveling to Scotland. Jessie is always up for adventure and is an amazing photographer. 

Lizzie Burger Photography 

Getting married is a very special time in your life, and if you are in the New York/New Jersey area. Check out Lizzie Burger. She is an up-and-coming wedding photographer who has nothing but amazing reviews. She is from a small town near Albany, NY, and has turned her passion for photography into a wonderful woman owned small business. 

Books for Kids and Teens


A book is a great way to show someone you care about them. Plus, they are great stocking stuffers!

Osborne Books

If you haven’t heard of Osborne Books, you are truly missing out. They have so many types of books, ranging from infant board books to chapter books full of adventure. The best part is you are supporting an independent contractor who loves the books most of all! 

Books Are Magic

This husband, wife team and beautiful book store is exactly like the name states “magic”. With so many books to choose from, and the option to order online. You are 100% for sure going to find the perfect gift for a loved one.                                                                                                                                                 

Tupperware, Linens, and More 

Who doesn’t hate having leftovers and nothing to put them in? It can be one of the most annoying parts of the holiday season. But you can help solve that problem by gifting Tupperware and other kitchen essentials!

  Pampered Chef 

Pampered Chef has been around for a while, and although it is a larger company, when you shop through a consultant you are supporting a small business. Pampered Chef has everything from Tupperware to kitchen gadgets and you can most likely find anything for your gift-giving needs! 


Dig + Co. 

This is one of the coolest woman owned businesses around. Their products range from items for kids to themed boxes. Nici Holt believes in all things creative and everything you find on their website is homemade by them and other amazing creatives! 


Yes, we are ending the list with a shameless plug because here at Quiquattro we fit right in with the women owned businesses. Focusing on bringing amazing textiles to your house, and giving you the best Turkish towels on the market for the beach, bath, or display! 

There are so many ways to support small businesses and we hope this list gives you some amazing women owned businesses to shop at!