Turkish towels are amazing beach towels and they always fly off the shelves and sell out on websites making them a top selling item during the summer. But Turkish towels are not just made for summer. A Turkish towel makes a magnificent gift and anyone who receives one falls in love! Here are 5 perfect times you can gift a Turkish Towel.

Christmas/Holiday Gift

Turkish towels make amazing Christmas/Holiday gifts. They are great for decor (hanging on a towel rail or draped on a clawfoot tub). Coming in many shades and patterns, there is definitely one for every style and household. Turkish towels are super absorbent, easy to wash, and are very large, making them perfect for wearing while doing your hair and makeup. 

But you can also use them for so many other things. A scarf, a baby swaddle, or a picnic blanket, include a picnic basket, a bottle of wine and some plates/utensils and you have a very great themed gift! 

Bridesmaids Gift

If you are looking for a luxury item to give to your amazing bridesmaids. Turkish towels are definitely an item you need to include for this special occasion. With so many bachelorette parties hitting beaches and sunny locations, every bridesmaid would love to have their own towel. Someone can also easily embroider them to make the towels even more special. Our Fairy Trail Gold Turkish Towel would be perfect for this! It has gold threads and would be beautiful in pictures.


Since Turkish towels are fast drying your bridesmaids and you can easily throw them into your beach bag, hop to a new pool, enjoy lunch and come back to a completely dry towel for your next adventure. If you are looking for other bridesmaids gift ideas. Head over to the blog post by Hill City Bride, she gives some unique and fun ideas! 

Bridal Shower Gift

While we are on the idea of weddings. Turkish towels can be given for a bridal shower gift as well. This is another great time to embroider them for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.We have some amazing towel sets available. Look at the bride's registry and find their bathroom colors, you can easily find a Turkish towel to match their registry! 

Are the newlyweds jetting off to a tropical or beach location after the wedding? Pick a brightly patterned towel and gift them as honeymoon towels. They make a perfect sarong or beach cover up for the new Mrs. to wear while walking the beach or enjoying a margarita at the poolside bar. Throw in a beautiful straw hat and she’s got the perfect honeymoon outfit!

Housewarming Gift

With so many businesses having their employees work from home because of Covid. People are leaving the big cities, apartments and moving to new homes. This means you are probably going to need some housewarming gifts! 

Turkish towels are perfect to display in a bathroom, or to use as a regular bath towel. They are so quick drying and absorbent they do not get smelly and are as bulky as normal bath towels leaving room for more storage. There are some great towel options here. There are many options of colors and looks to match your friends' or families' style easily. Turkish towels can become a table runner, lightweight blanket and so much more. Include a cute brief list of uses when you gift it.

Baby Shower Gift

You think Turkish towels would not really fit into this special occasion right? But Turkish towels are lightweight and large. This makes them a really great baby shower gift. The mom-to-be can use it as a nursing cover. Nursing is hot work and mom and baby often get sweaty. Since the towels are lightweight and breathable if the mom wants to cover up while nursing, she and the baby won’t overheat! 


Many moms have also used Turkish towels as a swaddle for their baby. Soft, and easy to wash, they are perfect for a baby and all the accidents that may come along with it. 

Turkish towels may be perfect for the beach, the bath or shower. But there are so many other ways to use them and so many occasions to gift them! Have you ever been given or given a Turkish towel? We would love to know when! Follow us on Instagram @quiquattro and tell us all about it! 

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