Summer is right around the corner and that means you probably have a lot of amazing adventures planned. Swimming, sporting events, beach days, traveling. But do you have all the necessities for your adventures? A Turkish towel should be one of the necessities!

Reasons Turkish Towels Should Be Your Go-To!

Here are 5 reasons a Turkish Towel needs to be your go-to when packing your summer bag.

Reason #1: Turkish Towels Are Versatile

You can use these towels for many things besides getting dry and warm after a dip in the pool or ocean. Turkish towels are known for being larger towels. This makes them perfect for lounging on the beach without getting covered in sand. We know that feeling of sand in all the wrong places. Ew. They also are big enough to cover a pool chair. Trade the red lines from the pool chair for a comfy, absorbent, and warm towel.

Turkish towels are also large enough that you can use them as a blanket. This is perfect for a picnic in the park, a place to sit at an outdoor concert, or to play with your children in the grass.

Or maybe you’re heading to the drive-ins? It can get chilly once the sun goes down. Use your Turkish towel as a scarf or light blanket to keep warm. 


It can get hot while blow drying or straightening your hair in the summer heat. These towels make amazing bath towels and are perfect for staying put and covering you up while you do your makeup, shave or just walk around your house while getting ready to go for summer drinks with your friends or the beach club. 

Maybe you have a long flight to a new summer destination and need a blanket? Bring a Turkish towel with you. If you aren’t doing much swimming, beach time or traveling this summer. Sling a towel over the back of your couch for a quick pop of color and accent piece in your living room. These uses make Turkish towels a very versatile item. You can find more uses for our towels over at our 10 Ways To Use Turkish Towels Post.

Reason #2: Quick Drying and SUPER Absorbent

These towels are quick drying, making them a perfect towel for a day on the beach or by the pool. What is the point of a towel if it is more wet than you are? 

They are lightweight and super thin, which helps them air dry quicker. Turkish towels can absorb 3x their weight in water. But you would never know it with how fast they dry.

“Turkish towels become softer the more you use them.”

So use yours over and over again for a while this summer. Just Remember to wash it before you use it. This will open the fibers and make them more absorbent. You can find some care tips here.

Reason #3: Sand-free

Turkish towels are easy to keep sand-free. They are actually known as “no sand” towels. Since they are so lightweight and on the thinner side. You can easily shake the sand right off. Making it easier to take with you from the beach and use in other ways. Here are five ways I can think of off the top of my head.


  1. A sarong

  2. A stroller cover 

  3. A scarf

  4. Seat cover for car

  5. Light blanket 

When shaking off the sand, don’t just throw that towel back into your bag. Use it for the rest of your day! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @quiquattro and show off your amazing ideas. 

Reason #4: Great Colors

Red, blue, purple, gray. These towels come in some glorious colors and patterns. The towels at Quiquattro are handmade in Turkey and hand-designed by women. So when you look at the color and design on your towel, know someone wove that design and hand dyed the fiber to make your towel. 

“Each color and towel is different. But they will get your towel noticed. “
With their bright colors, they are perfect for the summer!

Reason #5: Long Lasting Towels

You want to use your towel…a lot. The more you use it, the softer it will get. But DO NOT worry about it falling apart. We make Turkish towels to last. Ours especially.

 “I have had a customer tell me their towel has lasted for 10+ years!”

 You may have to fix the fringe here and there. (Another blog post I promise.) But they will last you! 

Just make sure you take care of your towel. Again, I have a blog post about properly washing your towel and caring for your towel here. You’ll be able to use your Turkish towel summer after summer and even in between as a bath towel! They will not only last. But become more absorbent, and softer.

Turkish towels are versatile, sand-free, colorful, quick drying, super absorbent and long lasting. You can not go wrong with purchasing! 

They included our Turkish Towels on the UniqueGifter website. A great resource to find gifts for any occasion. Check it out!