We all know Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been making headlines as of late but let’s push aside the royal drama… and talk about Meghan Markle’s impeccable style! We are thrilled to discover Meghan Markle uses Turkish Towels. She was caught out and about, after what looks like a yoga session, with a yoga mat, a water bottle, and a Turkish Towel in tow. It makes perfect sense for fashionista and royal duchess to have a Turkish Towel for function, comfort, and style.


Meghan Markle chooses Turkish Towels as must for convenience, practicality, and fashion! Meghan is known for her incredible sense of fashion. She gained recognition for creating and releasing two fashion lines of clothing in 2015–2016. After becoming a part of the royal family in 2018, Tatler named Meghan with other senior royal women on its list of Britain's best dressed people. Meghan Markle is a fashion mogul worldwide! It is no wonder she uses Turkish Towels!

Megan’s is juggling a busy life with her young son, Archie and her royal husband. Her life will now become even more hectic since she has her 2nd baby on the way. Megan deserves a big congratulations… what exciting news! She better stock up on loads of Turkish towels because they’re great for children. QuiQuattro Turkish Towels has several products designed with little ones in mind. Turkish Towels can be used for more than just keeping kids dry, they can be used as a soft, comfortable, and easy to carry blanket. They can also be used as a soft resting area to play with toys, read books, and enjoy a snack.  From our hooded bath towels to our oversized beach towels, these towels are great for a multi-tasking mom like Megan Markle.

If we could offer some advice to the Duchess herself, we would tell her to check out all the other amazing products QuiQuattro has to offer. We are confident she would fall in love with our custom-made jewelry. If you haven’t had a chance yet, you need to check it out for yourself! We would also remind her that we offer eco-friendly shopping bags (which can also serve as a fashionable tote or handbag). Another item we know she would love, is our handwoven peshtemal bed covers. Megan Markle might be missing out on our valuable advice, but you certainly do not have to. We suggest you take a look at what we have to offer for yourself.

QuiQuattro Authentic Turkish Towels are exactly like what Meghan Markle uses! QuiQuattro offers authentic, premium hand loomed towels made from 100% Turkish cotton. A green product by nature, our towels dry fast and are so beautiful that you can hang them anywhere to dry and it appears as a classy addition to your home’s decor. QuiQuattro Authentic Turkish towels come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can express yourself in true fashion, authentic to you! If you are looking for authentic high quality Turkish Towels, look no more. You found the best in the business!

Written By Nicole Bann

Picture is from Pinterest.

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