You just bought your first Turkish bath towel, a Peshtemal. Now you are wondering how often you should wash your new towel.

Most Turkish Peshtemal towels are made from cotton or a mixed blend of yarns.  They are hand loomed and already washed and ironed beforehand. You should follow the wash instructions they come with. If, for some reason, your towel does not have the wash instructions and you are not sure about the blend of the yarn, it is safe to wash them with like colors with lukewarm water.  

Turkish Peshtemal towels are one of the most eco-friendly products that can be found on the market. They absorb a lot of water and you will be surprised how fast they dry.  If you are using a drier to dry your towel then use a low setting.  They dry fast. If you are living in a hot climate you can line dry your towels easily. At, we are all about line dry: great energy saver.

It is very easy to take care of your towels; they are not like your terry towels. Since they dry fast they will never have the smell that sometimes you might notice on your ordinary everyday towels.  The more you wash your Turkish Peshtemal towels the softer they will get, and they will absorb moisture better. Surprisingly, their colors do not fade.  So go ahead and wash them as much as you want.