Our soap manufacturer, More Than Soap, is a Turkish company that has been producing natural and high quality handpoured soaps, as well as aromatherapeutic shower and body products for the last 25 years. Produced with the utmost care, More Than Soap's professional grade fully organic products are rich in glycerol - commonly known as vegetable glycerin - and contain pure oil extracts from olives, coconuts, date trees, and sunflowers. In order to attain a creamy and moisturizing lather, More Than Soap adds avocado, peach, almond, and cotton seed oils into its soap recipes. In addition to their use for general bathing purposes, these soaps make excellent solid shampoos and are suitable for daily facial cleansing and shaving. Additional ingredients include fresh seasonal fruits, French clay, and vegetable dyes. With the exception of few soaps that contain milk, yoghurt, and honey, they are suitable for vegan consumers.     

More Than Soap takes great pride in the lack of potentially allergenic petro-chemicals or other synthetic raw materials such as sodium laureth sulphate in its products. Cold processed in small batches by hand, these soaps are not tested on animals and they do not include any animal by products.

In addition to their dedication to maintaining the natural qualities of their soaps, More Than Soap has been an ideal partner for QuiQuattro due to their commitment to providing employment opportunities for women in Turkey. As More Than Soap's Product Director Ercan Sapmaz explains, more than 60% of their employees are women seeking their financial independence in a fair-wage environment.

Once you start using their product you will not be able to stop it.

You can visit More Than Soap ( Home and body Natural Cosmetics) at:

Sapmaz Kimya İnşaat Turizm ve Dış Tic.Ltd.Şti.
Mimar Sinan Mahallesi Hayrettin Çavuş Sok. no:3A Üsküdar İstanbul



 Here are some pictures from their recent trade fair.