Playa Turkish Towel

$47.00 USD

Introducing the "Playa Turkish Towel" – Your Ultimate Summer Companion

Discover the perfect blend of luxury and versatility with our "Playa Turkish Towel." Hand-loomed in Denizli, Turkey, using 100% Turkish cotton, this towel epitomizes craftsmanship and comfort.

In limited quantities, "Playa" is not just any towel; it's a rare find. Its super-soft, pre-washed fabric ensures maximum absorbency, making it the ideal choice for beach days, boat trips, spa retreats, or simply adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Crafted with care in Turkey, this lightweight Turkish Towel boasts a unique reversible design, featuring vibrant leaf patterns in three stunning colors: coral, silver, and Caribbean blue. Its thin profile makes it incredibly easy to pack, ensuring you're always prepared for your next adventure.

"Playa" is more than a towel; it's a lifestyle. Its sand-free quality ensures a hassle-free beach experience, and its lively, summery vibe adds a touch of luxury to any setting. Whether you're at the shore, on a boat, at home, or in a spa, "Playa Turkish Towel" is your perfect companion.

Elevate your summer with the "Playa Turkish Towel" – your ticket to a luxurious, carefree season. Don't miss out; shop now and experience the vibrant essence of summer with this exquisite Turkish Towel.

Dimensions:  36" x 66"