Gift Set from QuiQuattro - Turkish towel hand towel and a soap

$29.99 USD

GIft Set: Recently we teamed up with another Ohio based women owned business and she created some beautiful soaps for us. In this set you can get your choice of a hand towel with your choice of a soap + a QuiQuattro wet bag. You pick the ones you like we will ship for you.

Soaps to pick from:

LOST IN PARADISE:  At QuiQuattro we are always dreaming of summer. With mango and coconut scents this soap reminds us the tropical paradise. One sniff of this soap and you will be transferred to your favorite summer paradise.

EVERYTHING BUT THE RAZOR:  For the he in your life. This is a great soap for shaving, taking a shower and washing hair. Scent is not overwhelming.  

ALL THE CREAM WITHOUT THE CALORIES: this soap reminds us a warm delightful pie with vanilla and blackberry scents. This is great for everyday use. 

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU SOAP:  If you like fresh scents, this soap is made just for you.  It has delightful lemon scent which is not overwhelming and so fresh. 

FIND YOUR INNER PEACE: you are done for the day but can’t sleep? our lavender scented soap will make you relax and will surely help with your sleep. Make sure to try one. SOLD OUT

All the soaps are handmade made in Ohio, weighs 4.5 oz.

Turkish Towels to pick from:

Unwind hand towel in tan color

Unwind hand towel in grey color

Noel hand towel in green color

Knight for a night hand towel in black

Noel Hand Towel in Red Color

All the towels hand loomed with 100% natural cotton in Hatay, Antakya region. dimensions:24” x 36”

Note: When you check out at the notes section indicate which towel and which soap you want. Set includes your choice of hand towel and soap.

Thank you.